Learn a Little Excel

Lessons with Workbooks


Excel Tricks/How-To's:  Workbooks (Excel 2003 .xls files)

Excel Fundamentals (.pdf File)    

Validate Data Using Off-Page List

Excel Basics (.pdf)

Basics Lesson Workbook


Add Every nth Cell on a Worksheet

Lookups in Excel (.pdf) Lookups Lesson Workbook    

How to use Excel as a Data Source for a Word Mail Merge

More Lookups Lessons (.pdf)

More Lookups Lessons Workbook

       WBS Paragraph Numbering in Excel (1., 1.1, 1.1.1, etc)

Using Match and Index (.pdf)

Match and Index Workbook


How to Insert Workbook Event Associated VBA Code


How to Insert Worksheet Event Associated VBA Code


How to Insert General Purpose Excel VBA Code


Introduction to VBA Programming

Bullet-Proofing Your Excel VBA Code

Programming In Excel VBA - An Introduction (.pdf File)


Writing Bullet Proof Code (531 KB .pdf File)

Project 1 Resources: Project 1, Workbook 1 (.xls File)    

A Slice of Pi - Scope Example Workbook (.xls File)

  Project 1, Workbook 2 (.xls File)          
Project 2 Resources: Project 2, Workbook (.xls File)          
  Project 2, Sample Text Data File (.txt File)          
Project 3 Resources: Project 3 Workbook (.xls File)          
Project 4 Resources: Project 4 Workbook (.xls File)          

Learn a Little About Access

Data Normalizing - Basic Understanding (.pdf File)

 Associated .mdb file in .zip File (cars.mdb) Access 2003