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This list was built from several sources from various Internet Security oriented sites.  It is not a complete list, but does list over 400 ports that are known to be used by various Trojans.  The table is oriented toward attacks of Windows based systems.

If it is not in this list, try the "Less Suspect" List - Has Ports Used by Games, Utilities such as Napster, Gnutella, etc. Listed:
 Less Suspect Port List

Port Possible Attack Interpretation
1 Possible (UDP) - Sockets des Troie, Bonk Attack, Breach, Ping of Death, Sockets de Troie, SocketsDeTroie, Socks Des Troie Attacks
2 Possible Death, Death Trojan, Land Attack Attacks
3 Possible SynDrop Attacks
5 Possible yoyo, Incoming Routing Redirect Bomb Attacks
7 Possible fraggle attack attempt Attacks
8 Possible Ping Attack Attacks
9 Possible Chargen Attack Attacks
11 Possible Skun Attacks
15 Possible B2 Attacks
16 Possible Skun Attacks
17 Possible Skun Attacks
18 Possible Skun Attacks
19 Possible Skun, Chargen Attacks
20 Possible Amanda, Senna Spy FTP server, Senna Spy, Senna Spy FTP server seek Attacks
21 Possible ADM worm, Back Construction, Back Construction, Blade Runner, Blade Runner, BladeRunner, BlueFire, BlueFire, Bmail, Bmail, Cattivik FTP Server, Cattivik FTP Server, CC Invader, CC Invader, Dark FTP, Dark FTP, Dolly Trojan, Doly Trojan, Doly Trojan, Fore, FreddyK, FreddyK, FTP Trojan, Invisible FTP, Invisible FTP, Juggernaut 42, KWM, KWM, Larva, Mail Bombing Trojan (MBT), MotIv FTP, Motlv FTP, MscanWorm, MscanWorm, Near Tear, NerTe, NerTe, Net Administrator, NokNok, NokNok, Pinochet, Pinochet, Ramen, Ramen, Reverse Trojan, Reverse Trojan, RTB 666, RTB 666, Seeking open anonymous FTP port, Senna Spy, Senna Spy FTP server, The Flu, The Flu, Traitor 21, Voyager Alpha Force, Voyager Alpha Force, WebEx, WinCrash, WinCrash Attacks
22 Possible InCommand, Shaft, Skun, Adore sshd, accidental hit, ssh exploitation Attacks
23 Possible ADM worm, Aphex's Remote Packet Sniffer , AutoSpY, ButtMan, Fire HacKer, My Very Own trojan, Pest, RTB 666, Tiny Telnet Server - TTS, Truva Atl, Fire HacKer, My Very Own trojan, RTB 666, Telnet Pro, Tiny Telnet Server - TTS, Truva Atl Attacks
24 Possible Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K) Control Port, Back Orifice 2000, BO2K Attacks
25 Possible Antigen, Barok, BSE, Email Password Sender , Gip, Laocoon, Magic Horse, MBT , Moscow Email trojan, Nimda, Shtirlitz, Stukach, Tapiras, WinPC, Ajan, Barok, BSE, Email Password Sender - EPS, EPS II, Gip, Gris, Happy99, Hpteam mail, Hybris, I love you, Kuang2, Magic Horse, MBT (Mail Bombing Trojan), Moscow Email trojan, Naebi, NewApt worm, ProMail trojan, Shtirlitz, Stealth, Stukach, Tapiras, Terminator, WinPC, WinSpy, Aji, Email Password Sender, Email Password Sender (EPS), Laocoon, Mail Bombing Trojan (MBT), MBT, Moscow Email, Nimda Attacks
27 Possible Assasin Attacks
28 Possible Amanda Attacks
30 Possible Agent 40421, Agent 40422 Attacks
31 Possible Agent 40421, Masters Paradise, Skun, Agent 31, Hackers Paradise, Masters Paradise, Hacker's Paradise, Skun Attacks
37 Possible ADM worm, W32.Sober.o@MM Attacks
39 Possible SubSARI Attacks
41 Possible Deep Throat , Foreplay , Reduced Foreplay Attacks
44 Possible Arctic Attacks
48 Possible DRAT Attacks
50 Possible DRAT Attacks
51 Possible Fuck Lamers Backdoor Attacks
52 Possible MuSka52, Skun Attacks
53 Possible ADM worm, li0n, MscanWorm, MuSka52, Lion, DNS Spoof, li0n, MscanWorm, MuSka52, Trojan.Esteems.c Attacks
54 Possible MuSka52 Attacks
58 Possible DMSetup Attacks
59 Possible DMSetup Attacks
66 Possible AL-Bareki Attacks
68 Possible Sub-7, SubSeven Attacks
69 Possible BackGate, BackGate Kit, Nimda, Pasana, Storm, Storm worm, Theef, Pasana, Listening port for MS Blaster, Nimda, Storm, Storm worm, Theef, w32.cycle W32.Mockbot.A.Worm Attacks
70 Possible ADM worm, W32.Evala.Worm Attacks
79 Possible ADM worm, Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K) Data Port, CDK, Firehotcker Attacks or improper Finger port use attack.
80 Possible 711 (Seven Eleven) trojan, AckCmd, Back End, Back Orifice 2000, Back Orifice 2000 Plug-Ins, BackDoor.Gaster, BackDoor.Hogle, BackDoor.Ketch, BackDoor.Nerte, BackDoor.Synrg, BackDoor.Xeory, BackDoor.ZomBam, Blaster.D Worm, BlueFire, Cafeini, CGI Backdoor, Code Red, Code Red II, Code Red.F, Duddie, Executor, FreeBSDScalper.Worm, Gaobot.AP, Gaobot.AZ, Gaobot.SA, Gaobot.WO, Gaobot.WX, Gaobot.ZX, God Message, God Message 4 Creator, Hooker, IISworm, Intruzzo, Latinus, Linux.Slapper.Worm, Lithium, MscanWorm, MTX, MyDoom.B, MyDoom.G, MyDoom.H, NCX, NerTe, Nimda, Noob, Optix Lite, Optix Pro , Power, PWSteal.Firum, Ramen, Remote Shell , Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor , RingZero, RTB 666, Scalper, Screen Cutter, Seeker, Slapper, Trojan.a.d.Clicker, Trojan.AnyMail Attacks
81 Possible Asylum, RemoConChubo, Beagle.S, RemoConChubo Trojan Attacks
85 Possible Common Port for phishing scam sites Attacks
87 Possible Common Port for phishing scam sites Attacks
88 Possible pwsteal.likmet.a Attacks
90 Possible Hidden Port 2.o Attacks
99 Possible Hidden, Hidden Port, Mandragore, NCX, Common Port for phishing scam sites, Hidden Port v2.0 Attacks
101 Possible Skun Attacks
102 Possible Delf, Skun Attacks
103 Possible Skun Attacks
104 Possible Comm. 300, Comm.300 Attacks
105 Possible NerTe Attacks
107 Possible Skun Attacks
109 Possible ADM worm Attacks
110 Possible ADM worm, ProMail trojan Attacks
111 Possible ADM worm, MscanWorm, Looking for Sun RPC PortMapper/RPCBIND. Attacks
113 Possible ADM worm, Alicia, Cyn, DataSpy Network X, Dosh, Gibbon, Taskman , Invisible Identd Daemon, Kazimas, Invisible Identd Deamon Attacks
119 Possible Happy99, Happy99 Trojan Attacks
120 Possible Skun Attacks
121 Possible Attack Bot, God Message, JammerKillah, AttackBot, BO JammerkillahV Attacks
123 Possible Net Controller Trojan Attacks
129 Possible Generator Protocol attack, Password Generator Protocol Attacks
133 Possible Farnaz, 146, Faranz, Farnaz Trojan, Infector, port 146-Infector Attacks
135 Possible DCOM/MSBlast exploitation attack, Netbios Remote procedure call, Netbios RPC, W32.Blaster, W32/Lovsan.worm Attacks
137 Possible Chode, Nimda, Msinit, Qaz, Bugbear, Netbios name (DoS attacks), Netbios name (DoS attacks)., Nimda, Opaserv, OpaSoft Attacks
138 Possible Chode, Netbios datagram, Nimda Attacks
139 Possible Chode, Fire HacKer, Msinit, Nimda, Opaserv, Qaz, God Message worm, Msinit, Netlog, Network, Qaz, Sadmind, SMB Relay, Fire HacKer, God Message, Netbios session (DoS attacks), Nimda, Opaserv Attacks
142 Possible NetTaxi, NetTaxi Trojan Attacks
143 Possible ADM worm Attacks
146 Possible Infector, Infector 1.3, Infector v1.3 Attacks
166 Possible NokNok Attacks
170 Possible A-trojan, A-trojan Trojan Attacks
171 Possible A-trojan, A-trojan Trojan Attacks
173 Possible Nestea Attacks
200 Possible CyberSpy Attacks
201 Possible One Windows Trojan Attacks
202 Possible One Windows Trojan, Skun Attacks
211 Possible One Windows Trojan Attacks
212 Possible One Windows Trojan Attacks
221 Possible Snape Attacks
222 Possible NeuroticKat, Snape Attacks
230 Possible Skun Attacks
231 Possible Skun Attacks
232 Possible Skun Attacks
285 Possible Delf, WCTrojan Attacks
286 Possible WCTrojan Attacks
299 Possible One Windows Trojan Attacks
334 Possible Backage, Backage Trojan Attacks
335 Possible Nautical Attacks
370 Possible NeuroticKat Attacks
382 Possible W32.Rotor Attacks
400 Possible Argentino Attacks
401 Possible One Windows Trojan Attacks
402 Possible One Windows Trojan Attacks
411 Possible Backage Attacks
420 Possible Breach, Breach Trojan, Incognito, W32.kibuv.b Attacks
421 Possible TCP Wrappers trojan Attacks
443 Possible Slapper, W32.spybot.nps Attacks
445 Possible Backdoor.rtkit.b, Lioten, Randon, Sasser, Nimda, Trojan.Netdepix.b, W32.HLLW.Deloder, W32.hllw.lioten, W32.ifbo.a, W32.korgo.a, W32.mytob.e, W32.mytob@mm, W32.Scane, W32.spybot.khc, W32.spybot.nps, W32.spybot.ofn, W32/Deloder.A, WORM_DELODER.A Attacks
455 Possible Fatal Connections Attacks
456 Possible Hackers Paradise Attacks
510 Possible t0rnkit sshd backdoor Attacks
511 Possible T0rn Rootkit Attacks
513 Possible ADM worm, Grlogin, Grlgon Trojan Attacks
514 Possible ADM worm, RPC Backdoor, RPC Backdoor Trojan Attacks
515 Possible MscanWorm, lpdw0rm, Ramen Attacks
520 Possible (UDP) - A UDP backdoor, attempted Linux system - "routed" Attacks
530 Possible W32.kibuv.worm Attacks
531 Possible Net666, Net 666, Rasmin Attacks
555 Possible 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), Phase Zero, Phase-0, Ini-Killer, Net Administrator, Phase Zero, Phase-0, Stealth Spy, PhaseZero, Phaze Attacks
559 Possible Backdoor.domwis, Backdoor.solufina Attacks
564 Possible Oracle Attacks
589 Possible Assasin Attacks
600 Possible SweetHeart, Sadmind Attacks
605 Possible Secret Service, Secret Service Trojan Attacks
606 Possible Secret Service Trojan Attacks
623 Possible RTB 666 Attacks
635 Possible ADM worm, Looking for Linux System Attacks
650 Possible Assasin Attacks
660 Possible Zaratustra Attacks
661 Possible NokNok Attacks
665 Possible Attack FTP, lpdw0rm, Shadow Phyre, ServU, Satans Back Door - SBD, NokNok, Cain & Abel, Back Construction, BLA trojan, th3r1pp3rz (= Therippers), BackConstruction, Attack FTP, Back Construction, BLA trojan, NokNok, Reverse Trojan, Shadow Phyre, Unicorn, Back Construction, BLA trojan, Cain & Abel, lpdw0rm, NokNok, Satans Back Door - SBD, ServU, Shadow Phyre, th3r1pp3rz (= Therippers), BackConstruction, Bla, Ipdw0rm, N0kN0k Trojan, Reverse Trojan, Satans Back Door (SBD), Satanz Backdoor, ServeU, Unicorn, yoyo Attacks
667 Possible NokNok, SniperNet, SniperNet Trojan Attacks
668 Possible Unicorn, th3r1pp3rz (= Therippers) Attacks
669 Possible DP trojan , SniperNet Attacks
680 Possible RTB 666, RTB666 Attacks
692 Possible GayOL, GayOL Trojan Attacks
700 Possible REx Attacks
777 Possible Undetected, AimSpy, (the) Undetected Trojan, BackDoor.Netcrack.B, Tiny Attacks
778 Possible BackDoor.Netcrack.B Attacks
785 Possible NetworkTerrorist Attacks
798 Possible Oracle Attacks
800 Possible NeuroticKitten Attacks
808 Possible WinHole, WinHole Trojan Attacks
831 Possible NeuroticKat, NeuriticKat Attacks
880 Possible Common Port for phishing scam sites Attacks
901 Possible Net-Devil, Pest, Backdoor.Devil, NetDevil, Pest Attacks
902 Possible Net-Devil, Pest, Backdoor.Devil Attacks
903 Possible Net-Devil Attacks
911 Possible Dark Shadow, Dark Shadow Attacks
956 Possible Crat Pro Attacks
991 Possible Snape Attacks
992 Possible Snape Attacks
999 Possible Deep Throat , Foreplay , Chat power, Foreplay, WinSatan, Reduced Foreplay Attacks
1000 Possible Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Direct Connection, GOTHIC Intruder , Theef, Connecter, Direct Connection, Insane Network, Der Spacher 3, Der Spaeher, Der Spaher, DerSpaeher, GOTHIC Intruder Attacks
1001 Possible Der Späher / Der Spaeher, GOTHIC Intruder , Lula, One Windows Trojan, Theef, Le Guardien, Silencer, Theef, WebEx, Backdoor.Wortbot, Der Spacher 3, Der Spaeher, Der Spaher, DerSpaeher, GOTHIC Intruder, Lula, One Windows Trojan Attacks
1005 Possible Pest, Theef Attacks
1008 Possible AutoSpY, li0n, Lion Attacks
1010 Possible Doly Trojan, Der Spaeher, Der Spaher, DerSpaeher Attacks
1011 Possible Doly Trojan Attacks
1012 Possible Doly Trojan Attacks
1015 Possible Doly Trojan Attacks
1016 Possible Doly Trojan Attacks
1020 Possible Vampire, Vampyre Attacks
1023 Possible Sasser.e FTP Attacks
1024 Possible attack on Voice Streaming Audio, Jade, Latinus, Lithium, NetSpy, Ptakks, RAT[no.2], Backdoor.lingosky Attacks
1025 Possible AcidkoR, BDDT, DataSpy Network X, Fraggle Rock , KiLo, MuSka52, NetSpy, Optix, Optix Pro , Paltalk, Ptakks, Real 2000, Remote Anything, Remote Explorer Y2K, Remote Storm, RemoteNC, md5 Backdoor, DataSpy, Mavericks Matrix 1.2 - 2.0,  Yajing Attacks
1026 Possible BDDT, Dark IRC, DataSpy Network X, Delta Remote Access , Dosh, Duddie, IRC Contact, Remote Explorer 2000, RUX The TIc.K Attacks
1027 Possible Clandestine, DataSpy Network X, ICKiller, ICQ Trojan,  KiLo, UandMe Attacks
1028 Possible DataSpy Network X, Dosh, Gibbon, KiLo, KWM, Litmus, Paltalk, SubSARI Attacks
1029 Possible Clandestine, ICQ Nuke 98, ICQ Trojan, InCommand Access, KWM, Litmus, SubSARI Attacks
1030 Possible Gibbon, KWM Attacks
1031 Possible KWM, Little Witch, Xanadu, Xot Attacks
1032 Possible Akosch4, Dosh, ICQ Trojan, KWM Attacks
1033 Possible Dosh, ICQ Trojan, KWM, Little Witch, Net Advance, NetSpy Attacks
1034 Possible KWM, Backdoor.Zincite.a Attacks
1035 Possible Dosh, KWM, Multidropper, RemoteNC, Truva Atl Attacks
1036 Possible KWM Attacks
1037 Possible Arctic , Dosh, KWM, MoSucker Attacks
1039 Possible Dosh Attacks
1041 Possible Dosh, RemoteNC Attacks
1042 Possible Bla, BLA,  Rasmin Attacks
1043 Possible Dosh Attacks
1044 Possible Ptakks Attacks
1045 Possible Rasmin Attacks
1047 Possible RemoteNC Attacks
1049 Possible Linux: /sbin/initd, Seeking Linux system with /sbin/initd Trojan, Delf, The Hobbit Daemon Attacks
1050 Possible MiniCommand Attacks
1052 Possible Fire HacKer, Slapper, The Hobbit Daemon Attacks
1053 Possible The Thief Attacks
1054 Possible AckCmd, RemoteNC Attacks
1080 Possible MyDoom.F, Seeking Win32:BugBear-B, SubSeven 2.2, WinHole Attacks
1081 Possible WinHole Trojan Attacks
1090 Possible Xtreme Attacks
1092 Possible Hvl RAT Attacks
1095 Possible Blood Fest Evolution, Hvl RAT, Remote Administration Tool - RAT Attacks
1099 Possible Bfevolution, Blood Fest Evolution, Hvl RAT, Remote Administration Tool (RAT) Attacks
1104 Possible (UDP) - RexxRave Attacks
1111 Possible Backdoor.Aimvision, Daodan,  Tport, Ultors Trojan Attacks
1115 Possible Lurker, Protoss Attacks
1116 Possible Lurker Attacks
1122 Possible Last 2000, Singularity Attacks
1130 Possible Noknok Attacks
1133 Possible SweetHeart Attacks
1150 Possible Orion Attacks
1151 Possible Orion Attacks
1160 Possible BlackRat Attacks
1166 Possible CrazzyNet Attacks
1167 Possible CrazzyNet Attacks
1170 Possible Psyber Stream Server - PSS, Streaming Audio Server, Voice Attacks
1174 Possible DaCryptic Attacks
1180 Possible Unin68 Attacks
1183 Possible Cyn, SweetHeart Attacks
1200 Possible (UDP) - NoBackO Attacks
1201 Possible (UDP) - NoBackO Attacks
1207 Possible SoftWAR Attacks
1208 Possible Infector Attacks
1212 Possible Kaos Trojan Attacks
1215 Possible Force Attacks
1218 Possible Backdoor.Sazo, Force Attacks
1219 Possible Force Attacks
1221 Possible Fuck Lamers Backdoor Attacks
1222 Possible D Network, Fuck Lamers Backdoor Attacks
1225 Possible Scarab Attacks
1234 Possible Java client, KiLo, SubSeven Sub-7, W32.Beagle.Y Ultor's Trojan Attacks
1243 Possible BackDoor-G, Sub7, SubSeven, SubSeven Apocalypse, Tiles Attacks
1245 Possible GabanBus, NetBus, Vodoo, VoodooDoll Attacks
1255 Possible Scarab Attacks
1256 Possible Project nEXT, RexxRave Attacks
1257 Possible Sub Seven v2.1 Attacks
1269 Possible Mavericks Matrix, Maverick's Matrix Attacks
1272 Possible The Matrix Attacks
1313 Possible NETrojan Attacks
1314 Possible Daodan Attacks
1337 Possible Shadyshell Attacks
1338 Possible Millenium Worm, Millennium Worm Attacks
1349 Possible BO dll, BackOrifice, BackOrifice DLL, BackOrifice DLL Comm Attacks
1369 Possible SubSeven 2.2 Attacks
1386 Possible Dagger Attacks
1394 Possible BackDoor, Backdoor G-1, GroFriller Attacks
1415 Possible Last 2000, Singularity Attacks
1433 Possible SQL Snake, SQLsnake attempt to find unprotected MS SQL Server, w32.spybot.ofn, Voyager Alpha Force Attacks
1434 Possible SQL Slammer Attacks
1441 Possible Remote Storm Attacks
1480 Possible RemoteHack Attacks
1492 Possible FTP99CMP Trojan Attacks
1505 Possible FunkProxy Attacks
1509 Possible Psyber Streaming, Psyber Streaming server Attacks
1524 Possible Attempting attack at Sun system (Trinoo trojan) Attacks
1525 Possible Archie, Prospero Attacks
1533 Possible Backdoor.Miffice Attacks
1534 Possible Bizex.Worm Attacks
1560 Possible Big Gluck, Duddie Attacks
1561 Possible (UDP) - MuSka52 Attacks
1568 Possible Remote Hack, RemoteHack Attacks
1600 Possible DirectConnection, Shivka Burka, Shivka-Burka Attacks
1601 Possible DirectConnection, Direct Connection Attacks
1604 Possible ICA Browser Attacks
1634 Possible Net Crack, NetCrack Attacks
1703 Possible Exploiter Attacks
1711 Possible yoyo Attacks
1772 Possible Backdoor.NetControle Attacks
1777 Possible Scarab Attacks
1784 Possible Snid Attacks
1807 Possible SpySender, Spy Sender Attacks
1826 Possible Glacier Attacks
1833 Possible TCC Attacks
1834 Possible TCC Attacks
1835 Possible TCC Attacks
1836 Possible TCC Attacks
1837 Possible TCC Attacks
1863 Possible Backdoor.Kaitex.e Attacks
1905 Possible Delta Remote Access Attacks
1911 Possible Arctic Attacks
1966 Possible Fake FTP Attacks
1967 Possible For Your Eyes Only - FYEO, WM FTP Server Attacks
1969 Possible OpC BackOrifice, OpC BO Attacks
1978 Possible (UDP) - Slapper Attacks
1981 Possible Bowl trojan, Shockrave trojan Attacks
1983 Possible Q-taz Attacks
1984 Possible Intruzzo , Q-taz Attacks
1985 Possible Black Diver, Q-taz Attacks
1986 Possible Akosch4 Attacks
1991 Possible PitFall, Pit Fall Attacks
1999 Possible BackDoor Trojan, BackDoor.BiFrose, Trans Scout, Transmission Scout, TransmissionScout, TransScout trojan Attacks
2000 Possible A-trojan, Atrojan, Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Fear, Force, GOTHIC Intruder , Insane Network, Last 2000, Real 2000, Remote Explorer 2000, Remote Explorer Y2K, Senna Spy Trojan Generator, Singularity Attacks
2001 Possible Scalper, Der Spaeher, Der Spaeher 3, Der Spaher, DIRT, Duddie, Glacier, Insane Network, Protoss, Senna Spy Trojan Generator, Singularity, Trans Scout, TransScout, TrojanCow Attacks
2002 Possible Duddie, Peer-toPeer UDP DDos (PUD), Senna Spy Trojan Generator, Sensive, Slapper, TransScout, Trans Scout, Transmission Scount Attacks
2003 Possible Trans Scout, TransScout, Transmission Scout, TransmissionScout Attacks
2004 Possible Duddie, Trans Scout, Transmission Scout, TransmissionScout Attacks
2005 Possible Duddie, (the) Unspecified Trojan, Trans Scout, Transmission Scout, TransmissionScout, TransScout trojan Attacks
2020 Possible Backdoor Rockse, Backdoor.Rockse Attacks
2023 Possible Dialup Ripper, Pass Ripper, PassRipper, Ripper, RipperPro Attacks
2040 Possible InfernoUploader Attacks
2041 Possible W32.korgo.a Attacks
2060 Possible Protoss Attacks
2080 Possible Backdoor.TJServ, WinHole Trojan Attacks
2086 Possible Corba exploit, Netscape exploit Attacks
2090 Possible Backdoor.Expjan Attacks
2101 Possible SweetHeart Attacks
2115 Possible Bugs Attacks
2130 Possible (UDP) - Mini BackLash Attacks
2140 Possible Deep Throat, Deepthroat, The Invasor, Foreplay, Foreplay or Reduced Foreplay Attacks
2149 Possible Deep Throat Attacks
2150 Possible R0xr4t Attacks
2155 Possible Illusion Mailer Attacks
2156 Possible Oracle Attacks
2222 Possible BackDoor.Botex, SweetHeart, Rootshell (left by AMD exploit), Way Attacks
2255 Possible Nirvana Trojan Attacks
2281 Possible Nautical Attacks
2283 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan, Dumaru.Y, HvL RAT, HVL Rat 5 Attacks
2300 Possible Storm, Xplorer trojan Attacks
2311 Possible Studio 54 Attacks
2322 Possible backdoor.shellbot Attacks
2330 Possible IRC Contact Attacks
2331 Possible IRC Contact Attacks
2332 Possible IRC CONTACT, Silent Spy, SilentSpy Attacks
2333 Possible IRC Contact, backdoor.shellbot Attacks
2334 Possible IRC Contact, Eyeveg.worm.c, Power Attacks
2335 Possible IRC Contact, backdoor.shellbot Attacks
2336 Possible IRC Contact Attacks
2337 Possible IRC Contact, The Hobbit Daemon Attacks
2338 Possible IRC Contact Attacks
2339 Possible IRC Contact, Voice Spy, VoiceSpy  - OBS!!! namnen har bytt plats attack Attacks
2343 Possible Asylum Attacks
2345 Possible Doly Trojan Attacks
2400 Possible Portd Attacks
2407 Possible yoyo Attacks
2414 Possible vbs.shania Attacks
2418 Possible Intruzzo Attacks
2525 Possible Backdoor Rockse, Backdoor.Rockse Attacks
2535 Possible Bagle.aa, Bagle.z Attacks
2555 Possible li0n, Lion, T0rn Rootkit Attacks
2556 Possible Beagle.N Attacks
2565 Possible Striker trojan Attacks
2583 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan, WinCrash, WinCrash 2, WinCrash2 Attacks
2589 Possible Dagger Attacks
2600 Possible Digital Root Beer, DigitalRootBeer Attacks
2702 Possible Black Diver Attacks
2716 Possible The Prayer 1.2 -1.3, The Prayer 2, The Prayer v1.2 or v1.3 Attacks
2719 Possible Change Attacks
2721 Possible Phase Zero Attacks
2745 Possible Bagel W32/Bagel.c@mm, Bagle, Beagle, Beagle.J, Tanx Attacks
2766 Possible W32.hllw.deadhat.b Attacks
2772 Possible Sub7, SubSeven, Sub Seven Screen Capture Port Attacks
2773 Possible Sub7, SubSeven 2.1, SubSeven 2.1 Gold, Sub Seven Key Logger Port Attacks
2774 Possible Sub7, SubSeven 2.1, SubSeven 2.1 Gold, Sub Seven Key Logger Port Attacks
2776 Possible Software Attacks
2777 Possible Software Attacks
2800 Possible Theef Attacks
2801 Possible Phineas Phucker Attacks
2929 Possible Konik Attacks
2983 Possible Breach Attacks
2989 Possible Backdoor.Brador.A, RAT, Remote Administration Tool - RAT Attacks
3000 Possible InetSpy, Remote Shut, Remote Shutdown,  Theef Attacks
3006 Possible Clandestine Attacks
3024 Possible WinCrash Attacks
3028 Possible Backdoor.Wortbot Attacks
3030 Possible Attacks
3031 Possible MicroSpy Attacks
3067 Possible W32.korgo.a Attacks
3119 Possible Delta Remote Access Attacks
3127 Possible Moody.Worm, MyDoom, MyDoom.A, MyDoom.B@mm, W32.DoomHunter, W32.HLLW.Deadhat, W32.HLLW.DoomJuice, W32.MockBot.A, W32.SoLame.A, W32.Welchia.D Worm Attacks
3128 Possible Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor , RingZero, Masters Paradise, MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm, squid HTTP Proxy server scan Attacks
3129 Possible Master's Paradise, MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3130 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3131 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm, SubSARI Attacks
3132 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3150 Possible Deep Throat, Deepthroat, Foreplay, Foreplay or Reduced Foreplay, Mini Backlash, MyDoom.B@mm, The Invasor Attacks
3151 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3152 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3153 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3154 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3155 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3156 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3157 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3158 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3159 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3160 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3161 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3162 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3163 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3164 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3165 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3166 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3167 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3168 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3169 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3170 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3171 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3172 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3173 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3174 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3175 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3176 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3177 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3178 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3179 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3180 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3181 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3182 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3183 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3184 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3185 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3186 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3187 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3188 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3189 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3190 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3191 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3192 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3193 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3194 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3195 Possible Backdoor.IRC.Whisper.b, MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3196 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3197 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3198 Possible MyDoom, MyDoom.B@mm Attacks
3215 Possible BlackStar, Ghose, XHX Attacks
3217 Possible Telecomm Env Attacks
3256 Possible W32.HLLW.Dax Attacks
3291 Possible Associates - LM Attacks
3292 Possible Xposure Attacks
3295 Possible Xposure Attacks
3306 Possible Backdoor.Nemog.D Attacks
3332 Possible Q0 W32.cycle Attacks
3333 Possible Daodan Attacks
3410 Possible OptixPro, W32.mockbot.a.worm Attacks
3417 Possible Xposure Attacks
3418 Possible Xposure Attacks
3456 Possible Backdoor.Fearic, Fear, Force, Teror Trojan, TerrorTrojan Attacks
3459 Possible Eclipse 2000, Sanctuary Attacks
3505 Possible AutoSpY Attacks
3547 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
3586 Possible Snid Attacks
3587 Possible ****Head trojan, S**tHead trojan, Sh*tHead Trojan, ShitHead trojan Attacks
3630 Possible S Remote Database Port Attacks
3631 Possible S Web Services Port Attacks
3700 Possible POD, Portal of Doom (POD), PortalOfDoom Attacks
3721 Possible Whirlpool Attacks
3723 Possible Mantis Attacks
3737 Possible Backdoor.helios Attacks
3742 Possible Service Tracker Attacks
3777 Possible PsychWard Attacks
3791 Possible Total Solar Eclypse trojan Attacks
3945 Possible Delta Remote Access Attacks
3996 Possible Remote Anything, RemoteAnything Attacks
4000 Possible Attack on Voice Streaming Audio, Connect-Back Backdoor, Psyber Streaming Server, Psyber StreamingServer, RemoteAnything, Skydance trojan, WityWorm (BlackICE/ISS) Attacks
4001 Possible Backdoor.OptixPro.13.C Attacks
4092 Possible WinCrash Attacks
4128 Possible Backdoor.rcserv, RedShad Attacks
4156 Possible (UDP) - Slapper Attacks
4201 Possible War trojan, Wartrojan Attacks
4210 Possible Netkey Attacks
4211 Possible Netkey Attacks
4225 Possible Silent Spy, SilentSpy Attacks
4242 Possible Backdoor.Nemog.D, Virtual Hacking Machine (VHM) trojan Attacks
4300 Possible Backdoor.smokodoor Attacks
4315 Possible Power Attacks
4321 Possible BoBo, SchoolBus Attacks
4387 Possible Phatbot Attacks
4414 Possible AL-Bareki Attacks
4442 Possible Oracle Attacks
4444 Possible Alex Trojan, AlexTrojan, CrackDown, Oracle, Prosiak, SwiftRemote, MS Blaster listening port, Oracle, Swift Remote trojan, W32.Blaster Worm, W32.Hllw.Donk.M, W32.mockbot.a.worm, W32.reidana.a Attacks
4445 Possible Oracle Attacks
4488 Possible Event Horizon, EventHorizon Attacks
4512 Possible W32.mytob.db Attacks
4523 Possible Celine Attacks
4545 Possible InternalRevise, Internal Revise, Remote Revise, RemoteRevise Attacks
4567 Possible BackDoor-IW, FileNail Attacks
4590 Possible ICQ Trojan, ICQTrojan Attacks
4646 Possible Backdoor.Nemog.D Attacks
4653 Possible Cero Attacks
4661 Possible Backdoor.Nemog.D Attacks
4666 Possible Mneah Attacks
4700 Possible Theef Attacks
4751 Possible Beagle.U Attacks
4820 Possible Backdoor.tuxder Attacks
4836 Possible Buttman, Power Attacks
4837 Possible Buttman Attacks
4888 Possible W32.Opanki Attacks
4899 Possible W32.RaHack Attacks
4903 Possible Common Port for phishing scam sites Attacks
4950 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan, ICQ trojan, ICQTrojan, IcqTrojen Attacks
4983 Possible T Intercom Attacks
5000 Possible Back Door Setup, BioNet Lite, Blazer5, Bubbel, Kibuv, ICKiller, Ra1d, Sockets des Troie, W32.Bobax.A, W32.Bobax.D Attacks
5001 Possible Back Door Setup, Bubble, Sockets des Troie Attacks
5002 Possible cd00r, Linux Rootkit IV (4), Shaft Attacks
5005 Possible Aladino Attacks
5010 Possible Solo attack, Team Asylum (DOS attack) Attacks
5011 Possible modified, One of the Last Trojans (OOTLT), Peanut Brittle Attacks
5025 Possible WM Remote KeyLogger Attacks
5031 Possible Net Metropolitan, Net Metropolitan 1.0, Net Metropolitan 1.04,  NetMetro Attacks
5033 Possible NetMetro Attacks
5050 Possible R0xr4t, RoxRat Attacks
5135 Possible Bmail Attacks
5150 Possible Pizza Attacks
5151 Possible Optix Lite, OptixLite Attacks
5152 Possible Backdoor.laphex.client Attacks
5155 Possible Oracle Attacks
5190 Possible MBomber, W32.hllw.anig (ICQ/AIM clients) Attacks
5221 Possible NOSecure Attacks
5250 Possible Pizza Attacks
5277 Possible WinShell Attacks
5313 Possible Reliable Data Attacks
5321 Possible Firehotcker Attacks
5333 Possible Backage, NetDemon Attacks
5343 Possible WC Remote Administration Tool, wCrat - WC Remote Administration Tool Attacks
5350 Possible Pizza Attacks
5377 Possible Iani Attacks
5400 Possible Back Construction, Blade Runner, Digital Spy Attacks
5401 Possible BackConstruction, Black Construction, BladeRunner, BladeRunner 1.x, Deep Throat, DeepThroat, Digital Spy, Mneah Attacks
5418 Possible Backdoor.DarkSky.B, DarkSky, Dark Sky Attacks
5430 Possible Net Advance Attacks
5450 Possible Pizza Attacks
5501 Possible (the) Unanalyzed trojan Attacks
5503 Possible Remote Shell Trojan Attacks
5512 Possible Illusion Mailer, Xtcp Attacks
5521 Possible Illusion Mailer Attacks
5534 Possible The Flu, TheFlu Attacks
5550 Possible Pizza, Xtcp, X-TCP, Xtcp2 Attacks
5553 Possible Backdoor.Xlog Attacks
5554 Possible W32.Sasser.Worm Attacks
5555 Possible Daodan, Backdoor.OptixPro, Backdoor.Sysbug, Noxcape, ServeMe, W32.MiMail.P Attacks
5556 Possible BackOrifice, BO Facil Attacks
5558 Possible Backdoor.Easyserv Attacks
5569 Possible RoboHack, Robo-Hack Attacks
5588 Possible Backdoor.EasyServ Attacks
5631 Possible PCanywhere exploitation attempt Attacks
5632 Possible PCanywhere exploitation attempt Attacks
5636 Possible PC Crasher Attacks
5637 Possible PC Crasher Attacks
5638 Possible PC Crasher Attacks
5650 Possible Pizza Attacks
5666 Possible PC Crasher Attacks
5669 Possible SpArTa Attacks
5679 Possible Nautical Attacks
5695 Possible Assasin, Assassin Attacks
5714 Possible WinCrash, Win Crash Attacks
5760 Possible Portmap Remote Root Linux Exploit Attacks
5800 Possible Backdoor.Evivinc Attacks
5802 Possible Y3K RAT, Y3KRat Attacks
5873 Possible SubSeven 2.2 Attacks
5880 Possible Y3K RAT, Y3KRat Attacks
5900 Possible Backdoor.Evivinc Attacks
5933 Possible NOSecure Attacks
6000 Possible Aladino, LovGate.ak, NetBus , The Thing Attacks
6006 Possible Bad Blood, BadBlood, The Thing trojan Attacks
6129 Possible Dameware Worm, W32.mockbot.a.worm Attacks
6180 Possible Common Port for phishing scam sites Attacks
6187 Possible Trojan.Tilser Attacks
6267 Possible DarkSky Attacks
6272 Possible Secret Service Trojan Attacks
6400 Possible The Thing trojan Attacks
6521 Possible Oracle Attacks
6526 Possible Glacier Attacks
6556 Possible AutoSpY Attacks
6565 Possible Backdoor.Nemog.D Attacks
6631 Possible Attacks
6655 Possible Aqua Attacks
6660 Possible LameSpy Attacks
6661 Possible TEMan, Weia-Meia Attacks
6666 Possible AL-Bareki, Dark Connection, Dark Connection Inside, KiLo, LameRemote, NetBus, ProjectMayhem, SpArTa, TCPShell.c Attacks
6667 Possible Acropolis, BlackRat, Dark FTP, Dark IRC, DataSpy Network X, EGO, Gunsan, InCommand, Kaitex, KiLo, Laocoon, Maniac rootkit, Moses, Net-Devil, Reverse Trojan, ScheduleAgent, SlackBot, SubSeven , Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8, The Thing (modified), Trinity, WinSatan, Y3K RAT, yoyo Attacks
6669 Possible Host Control, ScheduleAgent, Trinity, Vampire, Vampyre, Voyager Alpha Force, WinSatan Attacks
6670 Possible BackWeb Server, Deep Throat , DeepThroat, Foreplay, Reduced Foreplay,  WinNuke eXtreame Attacks
6671 Possible Deep Throat, Deepthroat, DeepThroat v3.1 Attacks
6697 Possible Force Attacks
6699 Possible Host Control, HostControl Attacks
6711 Possible BackDoor-G, Duddie, KiLo, Little Witch, Netkey, NokNok, Spadeace, SubSARI, Sub7, SubSeven , SweetHeart, UandMe, Way, VP Killer Attacks
6712 Possible Funny trojan, KiLo, Spadeace, Sub7, SubSeven Attacks
6713 Possible KiLo, SubSeven Attacks
6714 Possible KiLo Attacks
6723 Possible Mstream (attacker to handler), Mstream attack-handler Attacks
6766 Possible KiLo Attacks
6767 Possible KiLo, NTRC, Pasana, UandMe Attacks
6771 Possible Deep Throat , DeepThroat, Foreplay, Reduced Foreplay Attacks
6776 Possible 2000 Cracks, BackDoor-G, SubSeven , VP Killer Attacks
6777 Possible W32/Bagle@MM Attacks
6789 Possible Doly Trojan, NetSky.U Attacks
6796 Possible Sub-7, SubSeven Attacks
6838 Possible Mstream (attacker to handler), Mstream Agent-handler Attacks
6883 Possible Delta Source DarkStar, Delta Source DarkStar (??) Attacks
6891 Possible Force Attacks
6912 Possible Sh*t Heap, Shit Heep trojan, ShitHeep, Shit-Heep Attacks
6913 Possible Danny, Shit Heep, ShitHeep, Shit-Heep Attacks
6939 Possible Indoctrination Attacks
6953 Possible Lithium Attacks
6969 Possible 2000 Cracks, BlitzNet, Danton, Dark IRC, GateCrasher, IRC3, Kid Terror, Laphex, Net Controller, Priority, SpArTa, Vagr Nocker Attacks
6970 Possible Danton, Gate Crasher Attacks
7000 Possible Aladino, Exploit Translation Server, Gunsan, Kazimas, Remote Grab, SubSeven , SubSeven 2.1 Gold, Theef Attacks
7001 Possible Freak88, Freak2k, NetSnooper Gold Attacks
7002 Possible groups database Attacks
7007 Possible Silent Spy Attacks
7020 Possible Basic Hell Attacks
7028 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan, Unknown Trojan Attacks
7030 Possible Basic Hell Attacks
7119 Possible Massaker Attacks
7158 Possible Lohoboyshik Attacks
7200 Possible Massaker Attacks
7215 Possible SubSeven , SubSeven 2.1 Gold Attacks
7227 Possible M Protocol Attacks
7274 Possible AutoSpY Attacks
7290 Possible NOSecure Attacks
7291 Possible NOSecure Attacks
7300 Possible Coced, NetMonitor, NetSpy Attacks
7302 Possible Net Monitor, NetMonitor, Net Spy, NetSpy Attacks
7307 Possible NetSpy, NetMonitor, Remote Process Monitor Attacks
7308 Possible NetMonitor, NetSpy, X Spy Attacks
7309 Possible Net Monitor, NetMonitor Attacks
7312 Possible Yajing Attacks
7323 Possible Sygate Backdoor Attacks
7329 Possible Backdoor.netshadow Attacks
7410 Possible Backdoor.phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix II Attacks
7424 Possible HostControl, Host Control trojan Attacks
7511 Possible Genue Attacks
7597 Possible QaZ (Remote Access Trojan), QaZ Trojan Attacks
7609 Possible Snid Attacks
7614 Possible Backdoor.GRM, Wollf Attacks
7626 Possible Binghe, Glacier, Hyne Attacks
7648 Possible BlackStar, Ghost, XHX Attacks
7673 Possible Neoturk Attacks
7718 Possible Glacier Attacks
7722 Possible KiLo Attacks
7777 Possible God Message, The Thing, TheThing, The Thing (modified), Tini trojan Attacks
7788 Possible Last, Last2000, Last 2000, Matrix, Singularity Attacks
7789 Possible Back Door SetupICKiller, Mozilla Attacks
7800 Possible Paltalk Attacks
7823 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
7826 Possible MiniOblivion, Oblivion Attacks
7850 Possible Paltalk Attacks
7878 Possible Paltalk Attacks
7879 Possible Paltalk Attacks
7887 Possible SmallFun Attacks
7891 Possible The ReVeNgEr Attacks
7955 Possible W32.kibuv.b Attacks
7979 Possible VagrNocker, Vagr Nocker Attacks
7983 Possible Mstream (handler to agent), MStream handler-agent Attacks
7997 Possible VagrNocker Attacks
8000 Possible squid HTTP Proxy server scan, XConsole Attacks
8001 Possible squid HTTP Proxy server scan Attacks
8011 Possible Way Attacks
8012 Possible Backdoor.Ptakks.b Attacks
8033 Possible Brown Orifice, Generic backdoor, RemoConChubo, Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero Attacks
8076 Possible W32.Spybot.pen Attacks
8080 Possible BackDoor.Nemog.D, Brown Orifice, Generic backdoor, RemoConChubo, Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero, Squid HTTP Proxy Server Scan,  W32.opanki.b, W32.spybot.khc, W32.spybot.ofn Attacks
8081 Possible W32.Bufei Attacks
8090 Possible Aphex's Remote Packet Sniffer, Backdoor.Asniffer Attacks
8097 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
8100 Possible Back streets Attacks
8110 Possible DLP, LoseLove Attacks
8126 Possible W32.PejayBot Attacks
8127 Possible 9_119, Chonker Attacks
8130 Possible 9_119, Chonker, DLP Attacks
8131 Possible DLP Attacks
8301 Possible DLP, LoseLove Attacks
8311 Possible SweetHeart Attacks
8322 Possible DLP Attacks
8372 Possible NetBoy Attacks
8488 Possible (UDP) - KiLo Attacks
8685 Possible Unin68 Attacks
8720 Possible Connection Attacks
8732 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
8734 Possible AutoSpY Attacks
8783 Possible Suspected but unanalyzed trojan used port Attacks
8787 Possible Back Orifice 2000 Attacks
8811 Possible Backdoor.Monator, Fear, Force Attacks
8812 Possible FraggleRock Lite Attacks
8821 Possible Alicia Attacks
8848 Possible Whirlpool Attacks
8864 Possible Whirlpool Attacks
8866 Possible Beagle.B@mm, W32.Beagle.B@mm worm Attacks
8879 Possible BackOrifice 2000, Hack Office Armageddon Attacks
8888 Possible Dark IRC, squid HTTP Proxy server scan, W32.Axatak Attacks
8889 Possible W32.Axatak Attacks
8897 Possible HackOffice Attacks
8899 Possible Last Attacks
8988 Possible BacHack, BackHack Attacks
8989 Possible Rcon, Recon, Xcon Attacks
9000 Possible Aristotles, Netministrator trojan, W32.randex.ccf Attacks
9090 Possible Aphex's Remote Packet Sniffer Attacks
9117 Possible Massaker Attacks
9125 Possible Backdoor.nibu.k Attacks
9148 Possible Nautical Attacks
9301 Possible DLP, LoseLove Attacks
9325 Possible Mstream (handler to agent), MStream Agent-handler Attacks
9329 Possible DLP Attacks
9400 Possible InCommand, In Command Attacks
9536 Possible Lula Attacks
9561 Possible CRatPro, Crat Pro Attacks
9580 Possible TheefLE Attacks
9604 Possible W32.kibuv.worm Attacks
9612 Possible Danton, Ghost Attacks
9696 Possible Backdoor.gholame, Danton, Ghost Attacks
9697 Possible Backdoor.gholame Attacks
9870 Possible BackDoor.RC3.B, Remote Computer Control Center (R3C) Attacks
9872 Possible Portal of Doom (POD), Portal of Doom 1.x, PortalOfDoom Attacks
9876 Possible Cyber Attacker, Rux trojan  Attacks
9877 Possible Small Big Brother, SmallBigBrother Attacks
9878 Possible SmallBigBrother, Trans Scout, Transmission Scout Attacks
9879 Possible Small Big Brother, SmallBigBrother Attacks
9898 Possible Dabber, W32.dabber.a Attacks
9899 Possible Ini-Killer, Ini-Killer trojan, W32.dabber.a Attacks
9900 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9901 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9902 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9903 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9904 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9905 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9906 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9907 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9908 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9909 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9910 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9911 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9912 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9913 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9914 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9915 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9916 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9917 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9918 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9919 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro, W32.dabber.a Attacks
9920 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9921 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9922 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9923 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9924 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9925 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9926 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9927 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9928 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9929 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9930 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9931 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9932 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9933 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9934 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9935 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9936 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9937 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9938 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9939 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9940 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9941 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9942 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9943 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9944 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9945 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9946 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9947 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9948 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9949 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9950 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9951 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9952 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9953 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9954 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9955 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9956 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9957 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9958 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9959 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9960 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9961 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9962 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9963 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9964 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9965 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9966 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9967 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9968 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9969 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9970 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9971 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9972 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9973 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9974 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9975 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9976 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9977 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9978 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9979 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9980 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9981 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9982 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9983 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9984 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9985 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9986 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9987 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9988 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9989 Possible Ini-Killer trojan, W32.dabber.a Attacks
9990 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9991 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9992 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9993 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9994 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9995 Possible W.32.Sasser Worm, W32.dabber.a Attacks
9996 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9997 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9998 Possible W32.dabber.a Attacks
9999 Possible BlitzNet, ForcedEntry, Infra, Oracle, Spadeace, The Prayer 1, The prayer 1.2 -1.3, The Prayer trojan,  W32.dabber.a Attacks
10000 Possible Oracle, OpwinTRojan, TCP Door,, XHX Attacks
10001 Possible Backdoor.Zdemon.126, DTr, Lula Attacks
10002 Possible Backdoor.Zdemon.126, Lula Attacks
10003 Possible Lula Attacks
10005 Possible OpwinTRojan Attacks
10008 Possible Cheese worm, li0n, Lion, Lion Worm (exploits Solaris saadmind) Attacks
10012 Possible Amanda Attacks
10013 Possible Amanda Attacks
10067 Possible Portal of Doom (POD), Portal of Doom 4.x, PortalOfDoom Attacks
10080 Possible Mydoom.B Attacks
10084 Possible Syphillis trojan Attacks
10100 Possible backdoor.ranky.o, Control Total, GiFt trojan, Scalper, Slapper Attacks
10101 Possible BrainSpy, NewSilencer, Silencer Attacks
10102 Possible backdoor.staprew Attacks
10103 Possible backdoor.tuimer Attacks
10167 Possible Portal of Doom (POD), Portal of Doom 5.x, PortalOfDoom Attacks
10498 Possible Mstream, Mstream (handler to agent), Mstream handler-agent Attacks
10520 Possible Acid Shivers trojan Attacks
10528 Possible Host Control trojan, HostControl Attacks
10607 Possible Coma Attacks
10666 Possible (UDP) - Ambush Attacks
10752 Possible LINUX mounts Backdoor Attacks
10887 Possible BDDT Attacks
11000 Possible DataRape, Senna Spy, Senna Spy Trojan Generator Attacks
11011 Possible Amanda Attacks
11050 Possible Host Control trojan, HostControl Attacks
11051 Possible Host Control trojan, HostControl Attacks
11111 Possible Breach Attacks
11223 Possible AntiNuke, Progenic trojan, Secret Agent Attacks
11225 Possible Cyn Attacks
11306 Possible Noknok Attacks
11660 Possible Back streets Attacks
11718 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
11831 Possible DarkFace, DataRape, Katux, Latinus Server, Pest, Vagr Nocker Attacks
11977 Possible Cool Remote Control Attacks
11991 Possible PitfallSurprise Attacks
12000 Possible Backdoor.Satancrew, Reverse Trojan Attacks
12043 Possible Frenzy Attacks
12065 Possible Backdoor.Berbew.j Attacks
12076 Possible Gjamer Attacks
12223 Possible Hack¦99 KeyLogger, Hack´99 KeyLogger, Hack?99 KeyLogger Attacks
12310 Possible PreCursor Attacks
12321 Possible Protoss Attacks
12345 Possible Adore sshd, cron / crontab, Ashley, Backdoor.Amitis.B, Bluelce 2000, Fade, Fat Bitch trojan, GabanBus, icmp_client.c, icmp_pipe.c, Mypic, NetBus, NetBus backdoor trojan, NetBus Toy, NetBus worm, Pie Bill Gates, Q-Taz, Sensive, Snape, Vagr Nocker, ValvNet, ValvaNet, Whack Job, X-bill Attacks
12346 Possible Fat Bitch trojan, GabanBus, NetBus backdoor trojan, X-bill Attacks
12348 Possible BioNet Attacks
12349 Possible BioNet, The Saint, Webhead Attacks
12361 Possible TCP Whack-a-mole Attacks
12362 Possible TCP Whack-a-mole, Whack-a-mole 1.x Attacks
12363 Possible Whack-a-mole Attacks
12389 Possible KheSanh Attacks
12456 Possible NetBus Attacks
12478 Possible Bionet Attacks
12623 Possible ButtMan, DUN Control Attacks
12624 Possible ButtMan trojan, Power Attacks
12625 Possible Buttman Attacks
12631 Possible Whack Job, WhackJob Attacks
12684 Possible Power Attacks
12701 Possible Eclipse 2000, Eclypse 2000 Attacks
12754 Possible Mstream (attacker to handler), Mstream attack-handler Attacks
12904 Possible Acropolis, Akropolis, Rocks Attacks
12973 Possible QR keylogger/remote access Attacks
12975 Possible QR keylogger/remote access Attacks
13000 Possible Senna Spy Trojan Generator, Senna Spy Trojan Generator Attacks
13010 Possible BitchController, Hacker Brasil - HBR, Hacker Brazil Attacks
13013 Possible PsychWard Attacks
13014 Possible PsychWard Attacks
13028 Possible Back streets Attacks
13079 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
13173 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
13223 Possible Hack´99 KeyLogger Attacks
13370 Possible SpArTa Attacks
13371 Possible Optix Pro Attacks
13468 Possible W32.Sober.D Attacks
13473 Possible Chupacabra Attacks
13500 Possible Theef Attacks
13700 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan, Kuang 2 The Virus, Kuang2 the Virus Attacks
13753 Possible Anal FTP, AFTP Attacks
14100 Possible Eurosol Attacks
14194 Possible CyberSpy Attacks
14247 Possible Trojan.Mitglieder.h Attacks
14285 Possible Laocoon Attacks
14286 Possible HellDriver, Laocoon Attacks
14287 Possible Laocoon Attacks
14500 Possible PC Invader, PCInvader Attacks
15000 Possible NetDemon, R0xr4t, Route to the Hell Attacks
15092 Possible Host Control trojan, HostControl Attacks
15104 Possible Mstream (attacker to handler), Mstream attack-handler Attacks
15206 Possible KiLo Attacks
15210 Possible (UDP) - UDP remote shell backdoor server Attacks
15382 Possible SubZero Attacks
15432 Possible Cyn, Backdoor.Cyn Attacks
15485 Possible KiLo Attacks
15500 Possible In Route to the Hell Attacks
15512 Possible Iani Attacks
15551 Possible In Route to the Hell Attacks
15555 Possible ICMIBC Attacks
15695 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
15845 Possible (UDP) - KiLo Attacks
15852 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
15858 Possible CDK trojan Attacks
16057 Possible MoonPie Attacks
16322 Possible Backdoor.Lastdoor, LastDoor Attacks
16484 Possible Mosucker trojan Attacks
16514 Possible KiLo Attacks
16523 Possible Back streets Attacks
16660 Possible Stacheldracht, Stracheldracht, Stracheldraht Attacks
16661 Possible Backdoor.Haxdoor.D, Dfch Attacks
16712 Possible KiLo Attacks
16761 Possible Kryptonic Ghost Command Pro Attacks
16772 Possible ICQ Revenge trojan Attacks
16959 Possible SubSeven , Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8 Attacks
16969 Possible Portal of Doom (POD), Priority trojan, Progenic Attacks
16982 Possible AcidShiver Attacks
17166 Possible Mosaic trojan Attacks
17300 Possible Kuang 2, Kuang 2 the Virus, Kuang2, Kuang2.B Trojan Attacks
17449 Possible Kid Terror trojan Attacks
17499 Possible CrazzyNet, CrazyNet Attacks
17500 Possible CrazzyNet Attacks
17569 Possible Infector Attacks
17593 Possible AudioDoor Attacks
17777 Possible Nephron trojan Attacks
18667 Possible Knark Attacks
18753 Possible Shaft (handler to agent), Shaft handler to Agent Attacks
19191 Possible BlueFire Attacks
19216 Possible BackGate Kit Attacks
19604 Possible Metal Attacks
19605 Possible Metal Attacks
19864 Possible ICQ Revenge trojan Attacks
19937 Possible Backdoor.Gaster Attacks
19991 Possible Dfch Attacks
20000 Possible Millenium (Lm), Millenium Worm, Millennium, PSYcho Files, XHX Attacks
20001 Possible Insect, Millenium Worm, Millennium, PSYcho Files Attacks
20002 Possible AcidkoR trojan, PSYcho Files Attacks
20005 Possible MoSucker Attacks
20023 Possible VP Killer Attacks
20034 Possible NetBus 2 Pro, NetBus 2.0 Pro Hidden, NetRex, Whack Job Attacks
20139 Possible #skanbotz IRC-SubSeven Trojan Attacks
20168 Possible W32.HLLW.Lovgate.C@mm Attacks
20203 Possible Chupacabra trojan, Logged!, Logged! Attack Attacks
20331 Possible BLA trojan, (the) Unknown Trojan Attacks
20432 Possible Shaft (client to handler), Shaft Client to handlers Attacks
20433 Possible Shaft (agent to handler), Shaft Agent to handlers Attacks
20480 Possible Trojan.Adnap Attacks
20742 Possible Trojan.Mitglieder.E Attacks
21212 Possible Schwindler, Sensive Attacks
21544 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan, Exploiter, Girl Friend, Kid Terror, Matrix, Schwindler, Winsp00fer Attacks
21554 Possible Exploiter, FreddyK, GirlFriend, Kid Terror, Schwindler, Sensive, Winsp00fer Attacks
21579 Possible Breach Attacks
21684 Possible Intruse Attacks
21957 Possible Latinus Attacks
22068 Possible AcidShiver Attacks
22115 Possible Cyn Attacks
22222 Possible Donald Dick, G.R.O.B., Prosiak, Prosiak 0.47, Ruler, RUX The TIc.K Attacks
22223 Possible RUX The TIc.K Attacks
22311 Possible Backdoor.Simali Attacks
22456 Possible BLA, Clandestine Attacks
22457 Possible AcidShiver, BLA Attacks
22554 Possible Schwindler Attacks
22783 Possible Intruzzo Attacks
22784 Possible Backdoor-ADM, Intruzzo Attacks
22785 Possible Intruzzo Attacks
22845 Possible Breach Attacks
22847 Possible Breach Attacks
23000 Possible Storm worm Attacks
23001 Possible Storm worm Attacks
23005 Possible NetTrash, Infinaeon, Olive, Oxon, W32.hllw.nettrash Attacks
23006 Possible Infinaeon, NetTrash, Oxon, W32.hllw.nettrash Attacks
23023 Possible Logged trojan Attacks
23032 Possible Amanda Attacks
23232 Possible backdoor.berbew.j Attacks
23321 Possible Konik Attacks
23432 Possible Asylum Attacks
23435 Possible Trojan.Framar Attacks
23456 Possible Clandestine, Evil FTP, Ugly FTP, Vagr Nocker, BagrNocker, Whack Job, WhackJob Attacks
23476 Possible DonaldDick, Donald Dick Attacks
23477 Possible Donald Dick, DonaldDick, InetSpy, Inet Spy Attacks
24000 Possible Infector Attacks
24289 Possible Latinus Attacks
24307 Possible Wildek Attacks
24680 Possible Suspected but unanalyzed trojan used port Attacks
25002 Possible MOTD Attacks
25123 Possible Goy'Z TroJan Attacks
25386 Possible MoonPie Attacks
25486 Possible MoonPie Attacks
25555 Possible FreddyK Attacks
25556 Possible FreddyK Attacks
25685 Possible MoonPie Attacks
25686 Possible DarkFace, MoonPie Attacks
25799 Possible FreddyK Attacks
25885 Possible MOTD Attacks
25982 Possible DarkFace, MoonPie Attacks
26274 Possible (UDP) - Delta Source Attacks
26681 Possible OBS!!! namnen har bytt plats attack, Spy Voice Attacks
27160 Possible MoonPie Attacks
27184 Possible Alvgus trojan 2000 Attacks
27373 Possible Charge Attacks
27374 Possible Bad Blood, EGO, Fake SubSeven, li0n, Lion, Muerte, Ramen, Seeker, SubSeven , SubSeven 2.1 Gold, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8, SubSeven 2.2, SubSeven Muie, The Saint Attacks, Ttfloader, Webhead Attacks
27379 Possible Backdoor.optix.o4, Optix Lite Attacks
27444 Possible attempted Denial of Service (Trin00/TFN2k), Trin00/TFN2K Attacks
27573 Possible Sub-7 2.1, Sub-7 v2.0, SubSeven v2.0 Attacks
27665 Possible attempted Denial of Service (Trin00/TFN2k), Trin00 DoS Attack Attacks
28218 Possible Oracle Attacks
28429 Possible Hack'a'Tack, Hack-a-Tack Attacks
28678 Possible Exploiter Attacks
29104 Possible Host Control, HostControl, NETrojan, NetTrojan Attacks
29147 Possible Attacks
29292 Possible BackGate Kit, Backdoor.NTHack Attacks
29369 Possible ovasOn Attacks
29559 Possible AntiLamer BackDoor , DarkFace, DataRape, Ducktoy, Katux, Latinus, :atomis Server. Pest, Vagr Nocker Attacks
29589 Possible KiLo Attacks
29891 Possible The Unexplained Attacks
29976 Possible Trojan Spirit 2001a Attacks
29980 Possible Trojan Spirit 2001a Attacks
29984 Possible Trojan Spirit 2001a Attacks
29999 Possible AntiLamer BackDoor, Backdoor.Antilam.20 Attacks
30000 Possible DataRape, Infector Attacks
30001 Possible Err0r32, ErrOr32, Terr0r32, TerrOr32 Attacks
30003 Possible Lamers Death trojan, LamersDeath Attacks
30005 Possible Backdoor JZ, Litmus Attacks
30029 Possible AOL Admin trojan, AOLTrojan Attacks
30100 Possible NetSphere Attacks
30101 Possible NetSphere Attacks
30102 Possible NetSphere Attacks
30103 Possible NetSphere Attacks
30129 Possible Masters Paradise Attacks
30133 Possible NetSphere, Net Sphere, NetSphere Final, Trojan Spirit 2001a Attacks
30303 Possible Socket 23, Socket 25, Socket23, Sockets de Troi, Sockets de Troie 1.x, Sokets de Trois v1 Attacks
30331 Possible MuSka52 Attacks
30464 Possible Slapper Attacks
30700 Possible Mantis Attacks
30947 Possible Intruse trojan Attacks
30974 Possible Intruse Attacks
30999 Possible Kaung 2, Kaung2 Attacks
31221 Possible Knark Attacks
31320 Possible LittleWitch, Little Witch Attacks
31335 Possible attempted Denial of Service (Trin00/TFN2k), Trin00 DoS Attack Attacks
31336 Possible BO-Whack, ButtFunnel Attacks
31337 Possible ADM worm, Back Fire, Back Orifice, Back Orifice (Lm), Back Orifice 1.20 patches, Back Orifice russian, Baron Night, Beeone, bindshell, BlitzNet, BO client, BO Facil, BO spy, BO2, cron / crontab, Deep BO, Freak2k, Freak88, Gummo, icmp_pipe.c, Khaled, Linux Rootkit IV, Netpatch, OPC, NoBackO, Sm4ck, Sockdmini Attacks
31338 Possible Back Orifice (BO), ButtFunnel, Deep BackOrifice, DeepBO, Netspy, NetSpy (DK), NetSpy DK Attacks
31339 Possible Little Witch, LittleWitch, Net Spy, NetSpy (DK) Attacks
31340 Possible Little Witch Attacks
31382 Possible Lithium Attacks
31399 Possible NetSpy (DK) Attacks
31415 Possible Lithium Attacks
31416 Possible Lithium Attacks
31554 Possible Schwindler Attacks
31557 Possible NetBus, Xanadu Attacks
31631 Possible CleptoManicos Attacks
31666 Possible BOWhack Attacks
31745 Possible BuschTrommel Attacks
31785 Possible Hack`a'Tack, Hack'a'Tack, Hack-A-Tack Attack
31887 Possible BDDT Attacks
32001 Possible Donald Dick, DonaldDick Attacks
32100 Possible Peanut Brittle, Project nEXT Attacks
32121 Possible backdoor.berbew.j Attacks
32418 Possible Peanut Brittle, AcidBattery, Project nEXT Attacks
32440 Possible Backdoor.Alets.B Attacks
32768 Possible Hacker's Paradise Attacks
32791 Possible Acropolis, Akropolis, Rocks Attacks
33270 Possible Trinity trojan Attacks
33291 Possible RemoteHak Attacks
33333 Possible Blackharaz, Blakharaz trojan, Prosiak Attacks
33390 Possible (the) Unknown Trojan Attacks
33545 Possible G.R.O.B. Attacks
33567 Possible li0n, Lion, T0rn Rootkit Attacks
33577 Possible PsychWard, Son of PsychWard Attacks
33911 Possible Spirit 2000, Spirit 2001, Spirit 2001 a, Spirit 2001a Attacks
34312 Possible Delf Attacks
34324 Possible BigGluck, TelnetServer, TN Attacks
34343 Possible Osiris Attacks
34444 Possible Donald Dick, DonaldDick Attacks
34555 Possible Trin00 ping/pong response attack, Trinoo (Windows) Attacks
34763 Possible Infector Attacks
35000 Possible Infector Attacks
35555 Possible Trin00 ping/pong response attack, Trinoo (Windows) Attacks
35600 Possible SubSARI Attacks
36183 Possible Backdoor.Lifefournow Attacks
36794 Possible Bugbear Attacks
37237 Possible Mantis Attacks
37266 Possible The Killer Trojan Attacks
37651 Possible Charge, Yet Another Trojan, Yet Another Trojan - YAT Attacks
37653 Possible Yet Another Trojan - YAT Attacks
38741 Possible CyberSpy, Cyber Spy Attacks
39507 Possible Busters Attacks
39999 Possible TrojanProxy.Win32.Mitglieder Attacks
40071 Possible Ducktoy Attacks
40308 Possible SubSARI Attacks
40412 Possible TheSpy, The Spy Attacks
40421 Possible Agent, Agent 40421, Master's of Paradise, Master's Paradise, MastersParadise Attacks
40999 Possible DiemsMutter Attacks
41337 Possible Storm Attacks
41626 Possible Shah Attacks
41666 Possible RBT, Remote Boot Tool , Remote Boot Tool Attacks
43210 Possible Master's Paradise Attacks
43720 Possible (UDP) - KiLo Attacks
44014 Possible Iani Attacks
44280 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
44390 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
44444 Possible Prosiak Attacks
44575 Possible Exploiter Attacks
44767 Possible School Bus Attacks
45092 Possible BackGate Kit Attacks
45454 Possible Osiris Attacks
45559 Possible Maniac rootkit Attacks
45632 Possible Little Witch Attacks
45673 Possible Acropolis, Akropolis, Rocks Attacks
46626 Possible Psychward Attacks
46666 Possible Taskman Attacks
46882 Possible Psychward Attacks
47017 Possible T0rn Rootkit Attacks
47252 Possible Delta Source Attacks
47262 Possible (UDP) - Delta Source Attacks
47387 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
47698 Possible KiLo Attacks
47785 Possible KiLo Attacks
47891 Possible AntiLamer BackDoor, Backdoor.antilam.20 Attacks
48004 Possible Fraggle Rock, FraggleRock Attacks
48512 Possible Arctic Attacks
49000 Possible Fraggle Rock, FraggleRock Attacks
49301 Possible OnLine KeyLogger Attacks
49683 Possible Fenster Attacks
49698 Possible (UDP) - KiLo Attacks
50000 Possible Infector, SubSARI Attacks
50005 Possible Trojan.Fulamer.25 Attacks
50021 Possible Optix Pro Attacks
50130 Possible Enterprise Attacks
50505 Possible Sokets de Trois v1, Sokets de Trois v2.Sockets de Troie, Sockets des Troie Attacks
50551 Possible R0xr4t Attacks
50766 Possible Fore 1.0 trojan, Schwindler Attacks
50776 Possible Fore, Fore 1.0 trojan, Remote Windows Shutdown Attacks
50829 Possible KiLo Attacks
51234 Possible Cyn, Backdoor.Cyn Attacks
51435 Possible W32.kalel.a@mm Attacks
51966 Possible Cafeini trojan Attacks
52317 Possible Acid Battery 2000 Attacks
52365 Possible Way Attacks
52901 Possible (UDP) - Omega Attacks
53001 Possible Remote Windows Shutdown - RWS Attacks
54283 Possible SpyPort, Spy Port, SubSeven , SubSeven 2.1 Gold Attacks
54320 Possible Back Orifice, Back Orifice 2000 Attacks
54321 Possible Back Orifice 2000, Delta Source, PCInvader, School Bus , yoyo Attacks
55165 Possible File Manager trojan, File Manager trojan, WMTrojan Generator Attacks
55166 Possible WM Trojan Generator Attacks
55555 Possible Shadow Phyre Attacks
55665 Possible Latinus, Pinochet Attacks
55666 Possible Latinus, Pinochet Attacks
56565 Possible Backdoor.Osirdoor, Osiris Attacks
57163 Possible BlackRat Attacks
57341 Possible NetRaider Attacks
57785 Possible G.R.O.B. Attacks
58008 Possible BackDoor.Tron Attacks
58009 Possible BackDoor.Tron Attacks
58134 Possible Charge Attacks
58339 Possible Butt Funnel, ButtFunnel  Attacks
58666 Possible BackDoor.Redkod Attacks
59211 Possible BackDoor.DuckToy, Duck Toy Attacks
60000 Possible Foreplay, Sockets des Troie, Deep Throat , Deepthroat, MiniBacklash, Reduced Foreplay Attacks
60001 Possible Trinity Attacks
60006 Possible Trojan.Fulamer.25 Attacks
60008 Possible li0n,  Lion, T0rn Rootkit Attacks
60068 Possible Xzip 6000068 trojan, The Thing Attacks
60411 Possible Connection Attacks
60551 Possible R0xr4t Attacks
60552 Possible R0xr4t Attacks
60666 Possible Basic Hell Attacks
61000 Possible Backdoor.mite Attacks
61115 Possible Protoss Attacks
61337 Possible Nota Attacks
61348 Possible Bunker-Hill Attacks
61440 Possible Orion Attacks
61466 Possible TeleCommando Attacks
61603 Possible Bunker-Hill Attacks
61746 Possible KiLo Attacks
61747 Possible KiLo Attacks
61748 Possible (UDP) - KiLo Attacks
61979 Possible Cool Remote Control Attacks
62011 Possible Ducktoy Attacks
63485 Possible Bunker-Hill trojan Attacks
63808 Possible Phatbot Attacks
63809 Possible Phatbot, Attacks
64101 Possible Task Manager trojan, Taskman Attacks
64429 Possible Backdoor.Amitis.B Attacks
65000 Possible Devil, Sockets des Troie, Stacheldraht Attacks, Stacheldraht agent - handler, Devil 1.03, Devli attacks
65289 Possible yoyo Attacks
65390 Possible Eclypse Attacks
65421 Possible Alicia, Jade Attacks
65422 Possible Alicia Attacks
65432 Possible The Traitor (= th3tr41t0r) Attacks
65506 Possible Agobot, Gaobot, Phat Bot, Phatbot, PhatBot (agobot variant) infection Attacks
65530 Possible Windows Mite Attacks
65534 Possible /sbin/initd Attacks
65535 Possible Adore Worm/Linux, RC trojan, Adore worm, Sins Attacks, RC1 trojan Attacks