DSLReports Member Suggested Freeware Software and Sources
Specifically Named Software Recommended by Actual Users
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Domain Name Servers
Download Managers
DVD/CD Related
FTP Tools
Math Toolkits
News Readers
"Office" Applications
OCR Utility
PDF File Creators

Portal Sites
System Analysis, Test,
  and Monitoring Tools

Text, Grammar, and
  Spelling Editors

  Audio File / Tests
  Digital Camera Tools
  File Utilities as
    Compression and
    Screen Grabbers
    Backup and Recovery
    File Renaming, etc.

  Graphic File Tools
  ISO File Utility
  Working with Time
  Video File Tools

Weather Monitoring
Web Page Design and



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Tools For Working With Digital Camera Files
And Testing for Dead Pixels in a Camera

Exifer Digital Camera File Editing
Jhead Digital Camera File Editing
Noiseware Digital Camera File Editing
Dead Pixel Tester Digital Camera Testing

Other Graphic/Video File Tools

Centarsia - Photo-Mosaic Creator  
Cinelerra - Video Editing for Linux  
Color Cop (Color Picker) and More Match colors precisely
IrfanView Graphic File tool
Picasa Make Photo Albums, Slide Shows and more
PrintKey 2000 v5.1 Screen Capture
The Gimp Photoshop Substitute
Sodipodi Another Photoshop Substitute
Inkscape Possible Illustrator Substitute
VirtualDubMod - .avi file editor Edit those .AVI Files
VTB - Video Inspector - utility Find out why they don't seem to work

Icon Creator/Editor

Liquid Icon Icon Creator/Editor
IconEdit32 Icon Creator/Editor

ScreenSaver Maker

ScreenRun Turns almost anything into a Screensaver