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    File Renaming, etc.

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WARNING: Before Installing Any Application Scan Thoroughly for Malware (Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc)
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Note: The quality of software found through portals runs the full gamut from great to pasture pie great - you're on your own with these!

Portal Sites:
Portals are like this place - they provide links to other places to get software, or some may provide links to obtain multiple software applications from their own site.

Unlike the specific applications mentioned on other related pages, the quality of all software available through these portals has NOT all been tested and tried.  Freeware quality ranges from the genuinely professional grade to the laughably unusable.  But some places you get to know, such as AnalogX, KarenWare, and SysInternals - as I'm familiar with those sites and the quality of the software available through them.

I repeat my caution from the first page: scan any downloaded files before attempting installation.  Most software developers are not out to include surprises, but some have lower standards, and sometimes the unthinkable happens: a site gets cracked and source files get tampered with.  Make sure you aren't getting more than you bargained for.

100 Top Downloads.com "Essential" Downloads for Windows XP
46 Best Freeware Utilities Ever Great Portal for Selected Utilities
AnalogX - Very good utilities Good Tool Sets absolutely Free
Free Downloads Center Tons of stuff!
More from Free Downloads Center Screensavers and Screensaver Makers
Games Portal Games galore
GNUWin II - A collection of a variety of applications A treasure chest of free software
Great Stuff  + Query App Over a dozen free tools for you
Jeh's Freeware Lots of Variety - Some has spyware, so beware.
KarenWare Karen Cares - good stuff here
Last Freeware Version Last Free Version of many programs that are now 'commercial' (i.e. cost $)
List of Lists The Portal to Portals!
NirSoft Free Utilities Windows Utilities - including an Uninstaller for things that don't show up in the Add/Remove list.
No Nonsense Software Some Nice Tools
Nonags Free Software More Nice Tools
Older Versions Because Newer Is Not Always Better
Only The Best Freeware You be the judge.
PricelessWare Lists compiled much as this one was - from user's inputs
More PricelessWare Get it all on CD
Radified Freeware Seems to have chosen his list well.
Shell Extension City Some of their own stuff and List of Recommended sites of their own.
SnapFiles Great Selection
SourceForge Professional Software - Free
SysInternals Great Set of Tools by SysInternals
The Freeware Book Don't worry - it's all on-line.