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WARNING: Before Installing Any Application Scan Thoroughly for Malware (Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc)
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Software Tools (compiled by BBR Member GBC_Software)

This is an .iso (disk image) file that can be used to create a CD to assist with cleaning up and setting up a system.  Stuffed full of some of the best free anti-virus, anti-spyware and utility programs around.  More additions are planned for the future.  Currently the contents of the CD are listed below and descriptions of the programs are on the CD user interface.

Anti-Virus Tools  
avast! Cleaner Virus Cleanup Tool
avast! Home Edition Anti-Virus Application
ClamAV Open Source Anti-Virus Application
Antivir PE Anti-Virus Application
BitDefender Anti-Virus Application
W32.Sasser Virus Removal Tool
F-Secure BL F-Secure's Rootkit Detection Tool
AVG Grisoft's Anti-Virus Application
File Management Tools  
SyncBack File Backup Utility
Karen's Replicator File Backup Utility
A43 File  
Portable Firefox  
Domain and System Analysis
Karen's WhoIs  
MooreR WhoIs  
Process Explorer From SysInternals
Access Enumerator  
Everest Home  
Anti-Spyware Tools
SpyAudit From Webroot - makers of SpySweeper
F-Secure BL No one said it was just an anti-virus tool.
Sypbot Search & Destroy  
Software Firewalls  
ZoneAlarm Free  
More Tools  
BillP Studios  
7Zip File Compression
ZipGenius File Compression
TUGZip File Compression
BigFix Software maintenance via the Internet
Virus Removal Tool Another Anti-Virus tool - find'm, squash'm.

To create your Software Tools CD, first download the Software_Tools.rar file using this link:

Download the Compressed Software_Tools.rar File (100+MB)

Extract the Software_Tools.iso file from the downloaded file using a file such as WinRar or WinAce.

Once you have the .iso file on your hard drive, use your CD burning program (such as Nero Burning ROM or Roxio EasyCD Creator) to create your CD.