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Nutrition and Health Monitoring

Requires Microsoft Excel 2003 for full functionality

To simply monitor your food value intake
Click to download the WinZip compressed file (

If you desire to also track your Glucose, Weight and/or Blood Pressure then
Click here to download the HealthMonitor WinZip file instead.

Large List with all in HealthMonitor along with over 6,000 items from the USDA Standard Reference (v17)
This will give you a reference to over 7,000 food items, including many 'generic' entries:
Click here to download WinZip file.

Contains Information on Nutritional Values of foods served at many fast food chains along with information on branded foods available in your local grocery store.  All lists can be expanded by the user.

Double-click ease to indicate what food you consumed - automatically copies the information to a "nutrition intake recording" sheet where daily totals can also be calculated with a simple double-click.

Excel Security Note

Excel 2003 defaults to High Security level for Macros within Excel workbooks.
This workbook contains code (macros) to perform many functions.  Unless macros are enabled, those functions will not be available.

While at High Security, you cannot enable macros.  To fix this, and still maintain control over running code in workbooks, I recommend lowering your Macro Security Level to Medium (don't go to LOW - that's unsafe).  Here is how to change the Security Level in Excel 2003:

Open Excel and this workbook.  Close the initial warning window telling you that you cannot enable macros.

From the Menu bar (where words like File, Edit, etc appear) choose:

(from the list that appears)
Security (from the fly-out list that appears)
Choose Medium on the Security tab of the window that pops up.

Close the Excel workbook and re-open it.  At this time you should get a warning that the workbook contains macros, that they are potentially harmful and it asks you whether you want to Enable or Disable them.  Choose Enable to get full functionality in this workbook.

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