DSLReports Member Suggested Freeware Software and Sources
Specifically Named Software Recommended by Actual Users
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Domain Name Servers
Download Managers
DVD/CD Related
FTP Tools
Math Toolkits
News Readers
"Office" Applications
OCR Utility
PDF File Creators

Portal Sites
System Analysis, Test,
  and Monitoring Tools

Text, Grammar, and
  Spelling Editors

  Audio File / Tests
  Digital Camera Tools
  File Utilities as
    Compression and
    Screen Grabbers
    Backup and Recovery
    File Renaming, etc.

  Graphic File Tools
  ISO File Utility
  Working with Time
  Video File Tools

Weather Monitoring
Web Page Design and

Read Their Discussions of the Software and Sources
More Lists of Free Software Sources from DSLReports.com
WARNING: Before Installing Any Application Scan Thoroughly for Malware (Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc)
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Security and Privacy Aids

Software Tools - CD .iso File (in .rar format) Antivirus and Backup Tools - More Planned in the future by BBR Member GBC_Software
Access Manager 2 Password Manager
AdAware SE Spyware and Ad-Ware Remover
Avast! Anti-Virus Anti-Virus
Email encryption/privacy Replacement for PGP
F-Prot Anti-Virus Command Line Anti-Virus
Grisoft AVG (1 per home) Anti-Virus
PopTray Privacy Tool
PrevX - Privacy/Security Tool Privacy Tool
SpyBot Search and Destroy Spyware and Ad-Ware Remover
SpyWare Blaster Spyware and Ad-Ware Remover
SpyWare Guard Spyware/AdWare equivalent to an Anti-Virus
ZoneAlarm Free Personal Firewall Personal Firewall - DON'T SURF WITHOUT ONE!
SSH Shell Client Secure Shell Client
WinPatrol Security tool - Spyware Removal/Prevention aid
Public Anti-Virus CD 95 Megabytes of Anti-Virus tools compiled by a BBR Member.  Constantly updated.
CleanUp File cleaner similar to Window Washer
Eraser Completely Wipe Out Traces of Files

Always get your on-line software from as close to the original source as possible!

Don't Let Search Engine Results Fool You

There are many unscrupulous companies that have registered web site and even product names very close to 'the real thing' in an attempt to get the unwary to download what they think is a helpful tool only to find that they've added to their misery.  To help prevent this from happening to you, this link will take you to CastleCops - a reputable site that has several lists of privacy and security software with download links to 'the real thing'.  If in doubt about the results of your Google or Yahoo! or other Search, go to CastleCops and then link to the real deal to make sure you're getting what you want and not something added that you really won't care to deal with:  CastleCops Software Download Lists Page

When in doubt, ask about a product from a trusted source like the Security Forum at DSLReports.com

Helpful Hint: Setup a firewall and install anti-virus as soon as possible if you are going on-line often at all.

Did You Know that most viruses and trojans come with files or on discs given to you by trusted sources such as family members, friends, coworkers?  Sometimes they aren't as careful as they need to be!

Helpful Hint: Worried about losing that precious License Key to that important program on CD?  Use a fine felt-tipped pen with permanent ink to write that number on the CD itself.  Write on the label side.  I find that Sharpie Ultra-Fine pens work great.  Never be without that license key again.